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Denum shurt makes an appearance!!

Foundation Woes

This has been a two year struggle. Involving me going to department stores, usually at the end of a long shopping trip, so about 9pm onwards, trying out one or two counters to get colour matched. So in two years probably 556 counter tests. Not one grabbed my attention. Well one did, Chanel Aqua Lumiere. Great colour, light, yet coverage heavy enough to correct flaws. Ahh perfect. I didnt buy it then, I was going to wait a couple months till a wedding I was attending (the reason for said foundation expedition). Between the time I had tried it on, and the time I had gone to buy it, Chanel had changed the formulas to all be a quarter of a shade darker. What?! I know right! This year whilst in America I went to Sephora to find my perfect foundation. Tried eeeeerry damn foundation in the store on and settled with the coverage and finish of NARS Tinted Moisturiser. Tbh I didnt realise it was tinted moisturiser until I’d gotten it home cus it was the last one and it had been 4 hours. I had left it at my Aunt’s car for ages recently and got it back this week. Tried it again for the first time since buying it and really happy! Lasted all day, colour warmed up nicely on my skin (I have combination oily). I’m wearing Estee Lauder concealer in No.3 under my eyes and Body Shop bronzer as counter.

Let me know if you have a miracle foundation that serves you well and what your skin type is! ✌ 👄

Fall Boots.

So Ive not had boots since I was maybe……5 years old? And I can’t keep not wearing socks because my other shoes don’t allow for them, it’s too cold and I believe it will give me arthritis or something when I’m old. So I was looking for boots that have a slim enough profile to wear with skinny jeans and also with tights. The pair I found were from Dune. They’re new stock so if you’re into them you can go and check them out. I’ll get a post showing them properly up soon. Peace out for now guys..

Rare in Ldn.

Taken with a Pentax ME Super. From a while back.

Feline kinda French today. Geddit?….feline….cus of the leopard? Oh come on!

New hairstyle. Being brave got the fringe I wanted early this year. People think hair is silly. Caring about hair that is. But, it has connotations, people associate styles with certain lifestyles. It says a lot about your life, what kind of environment you might work in, and at what level. Not maintaining your hair is just as much a style and statement as caring for it. It says, I don’t need to care about this, I am choosing to show you that I feel it is an inferior aspect of my life to worry about. I care about more important things. Shows you want to solely be judged by your personality. I swing between caring and not caring. I don’t think you have to be a person who is one or the other..


"I don’t have any dreams. What’s the point? I’m poor. I don’t have any skills. I wash the utensils in the kitchen— that’s what I do. But I like the girls I work with. We make fun together. I tell jokes. They tell jokes. I’m happy— it’s in my nature."

(New Delhi, India)

How can she not have dreams.

Why have all the collective actions and thoughts of the world, past and present evolved and come together in a way that it is so, that some people are in a postion where they feel they do not have the opportunity to do something that makes them feel like they’re flying.

Money wont do shit, infrastructure will change things. A lot of people on the same metaphorical train will. Everyone on the same team. An understanding that Enough, is enough; anything more is excess.

We will not understand that because we all want more than what is already in front of us to fill us up. We are lazy. We cannot be bothered to spend the time with ourselves to fulfill the holes and the little gaps, we want to buy into something that seems bigger than us to provide us with filler, a filler we can touch and show to our friends and wear as a badge to rest of the world. What the fck Young World? What are you going to.do about this huh? Nisha.


Lately ive been on a utilitarian vibe. Very practical, very dark, almost unnaproachable.

My style does not sum up my being, but it is my weapon of choice.

I’m an Architect. I’m the most interesting man in the room.

I’m wearing all black. I’m near sighted, but have compensated with extremely attractive and/or expensive eyewear. I have radical mood swings. But, only on the inside. You’d probably never know what I’m thinking. And, I’m sure I wouldn’t tell you.

I have excellent taste in …. almost everything. Just ask me. I am brooding right now. Over in the corner, sipping my cosmo (because I can pull that off). I’m not approachable, I’ve worked on that for years. I seem like I know things. Dark things. Perfectly aligned symmetrical things. But nothing about things that you want to talk about. I would rather talk about Richard Serra or Edward Hopper, or we could discuss Diebenkorn if you’d like. No, I am not going to talk about architecture. I never talk about architecture. We can talk about television. Mad Men? yes… Inside the Actors Studio? of course, but ideally Inspector Morse ca. 1988. Or we could just discuss cars.

More after the break.

Could you get me another Cosmo?

I have a beautiful wife, but I have no family, no children, no history, no connection to anything domestic. I don’t play golf. I have clubs, just in case. In the trunk of my Alfa Romeo

I work hard. No really, I work very hard. You think you work hard? You’re wrong. In fact, I’m working right now. I haven’t slept since 1984. I’m on my second decade of an all nighter. You have no idea. Your job is easy compared to mine. You don’t create, you produce. That’s easy. Right?

I spent a year in Europe studying under someone you’ve never heard of, who won a very prestigous award which you’ve also never heard of. This was my foundation for my “practice” I run today. I worked on a famous building you have also never heard of. I won an award for that too. I have a plaque with my name in fancy lettering in my office. I have a turtle neck. Not a “mock-turtle-neck” those are for writers or journalists.

Your tie is crooked. I noticed that when you first came over. I could fix that, but what’s the point really. Also, there were 17 canapes on that tray and only 16 had tooth picks in them. The mirror on that wall is slightly tilted. And, this part of the flooring is not orginal to the building. And, that sprinkler head is slightly off center.

And, seriously, go get me another cosmo…

I’m an Architect, I’m the most interesting man in the room.

Stay thirsty my friends { Coffee with an Architect }.

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The next 7 years of my life

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Word to your perfectly aligned Mother.

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Wiwt. Finally got boat shoes! Wahoo!
Shirt: GAP | Trousers: H&M | Jumper: Uniqlo(I think im not sure I swapped it out for a cable knit v-neck I got from Tommy Hilfiger) | Shoes: Timberland. | Watch: DKNY | Lipstick: Tom Ford

Sneaks: Vans | Trousers: H&M | Jacket: New Look | Tee: H&M | Nail polish: MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection.

Who wants stuff?!!

Im selling some stuff…watch this space.

All Saints dress.

I love All Saints, but it’s quite expensive!! By chance however I got this dress in the sale and I love it!! B